Land for sale
(Politai Ikopedo)

2 adjacent plots (#168 & 169) - very close to the beach (just 350m by road)

At the Athens Lawyer's Association -

Building Co-operative

in Vathia Laka

Porto Heli

Argolis, Peloponnese, Greece

PRICE (for the 2 plots) is Euro 50,000
(Fifty thousand euros)

[Please be patient while the maps and photos load]

The building co-operative is a planned community where certain building restrictions apply in order to maintain a tasteful & harmonious appearance for the benefit of all residents.

More than half the original land was dedicated to common areas, parking spaces and services.

Each plot is approximately 435 square metres in area and the 2 plots combined have an area of approximately 870 square metres on which one house of

up to 240 square metres -or- two houses of 120 square metres
of liveable indoor area may be built (120 square metres are allowed per single plot).

For a 2-level house this could for instance mean 60 square metres of indoor area per level for each of 2 houses.

Note: 1 square meter = 10.76 square feet

For further details please contact:

Mrs Anastasia Horne    +30-210-804-8482 (house) or +30-693-680-9664 (mobile) or e-mail (please see home page )

NOTE: The GPS / GOOGLE EARTH location of bottom corner of plot 169: 37°21'18.30"N, 23° 5'53.09"E


Map of Greece showing location of Porto Heli
(The Peloponnese is shown in yellow)

Map of Peloponnese showing the location of Porto Heli (located near Kranithi)
& also Athens with it's port of Piraeus from where the hydrofoil boat
summer service to Porto Heli originates.

Enlarged view of the tip of Argolis peninsula indicating the location
of the plots of land just outside Porto Heli. Note the main road
leading to Porto Heli & the dotted lines indicating ferry routes.
The popular Greek islands of Hydra, Spetses & Poros are nearby.


Large scale map of the development indicating the numbered individual plots.
See below for enlarged version of this map .

Larger scale map of the development indicating the numbered individual plots.
(Use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to view all the map)
The plots marked with yellow indicate some of the houses built by 2008.
Note the large amount of green area deliberately left undeveloped to retain
natural beauty. The area is one of rolling hillsides.

The plots for sale are located on the lower right hand side (see map below).

Adjacent plots 168 & 169 allow for easy road access & a sea view over the hilltop.


Dimensions & sizes of plots 168 & 169

NOTE: Exact GPS location is: 37.355011, 23.098124

(You can enter these coordinates into your GPS navigator or into the Google Earth program to see the satellite image and location)



NOTE: We also have plot 324 for sale (see above and below)


Plot 324 having a GPS location of 37.358031, 23.100579


For-sale sign on plot 169


Plots 168 (upper - to the hilltop) & 169 (lower - extending to the paved road)
The side road is to be paved shortly (2006).


View of lower plot 169


Name of bottom road


View of (now paved) side road (2008)
from bottom corner of plot 169

Location: 37°21'18.30"N, 23° 5'53.09"E


Name of side road


Closer view of plots 168 (upper) & 169 (lower)


View of plot 169 (lower). The sign for 168 can be seen higher-up.

View of plot 168 (upper) near the top of the hill.


Sea view from top of plot 168 (Horizontal scroll to view all --->)
The beach (below) is much closer than sea appears to be in this panoramic photograph.


Sea view from top of plot 168


View of the hills (looking away from beach) from plot 168


View of the upper plot from the beach area

Please Note:

(1) An even better sea view will be obtained when viewed from the additional height provided
by a house built on the top-section of the site.

(2) In front of our plots (the seaward side) the land drops away steeply (as can just be seen from
the photograph - but needs to be seen in reality) so it would be most unlikely that a house built
on the plots 167 or 172 in front would block the sea view.

This is because the upper-sections of these plots are too small to safely build a house and to do so would require the hillside in front to be built-up and supported at a large financial cost with many tons of earth & rock & huge concrete
retaining walls -or- the house would have to be built on tall concrete columns which would contravene the building regulations.


Beach area under development (2006)

(Horizontal scroll to view all --->)


View of steps to beach (2008)


A local building contractor (Gea Domisi) is available for house construction -
and is familiar with the building regulations.
(However, any contractor may be used.
Regulations are available from the Lawyer's association)


FYI: The building contractor's contact details & website

info@geadomisi.gr    (or s.pappa@geadomisi.gr)
&    http://www.geadomisi.gr



120 square metre houses built on single plots.
Stone-cladding and other styles are available.