Magnavox Advanced Products and Systems Company
(Formerly Magnavox Research Laboratories - MRL)
Torrance, California, USA


Here are some of my personal design projects at Magnavox:

MX-1550 Survey Navigator







MX-41 & MX-42 Differential Line Driver and Receiver Units


These units were designed to enable data from scientific instrumentation to be sent long distances through a large ship to the integrated navigation system computer.

The high integrated circuit density and need for customisability required the unit to be hand-wired using wire-wrap boards.

What an amazing level of skilled wiring our wiring team achieved. A requirement for zero defects meant extreme care was taken during the wrapping of the wires to the pins on the circuit boards.

I wrote special software to generate 32-bit pseudo-random patterns in a computer and pass them through the line driver and receiver channels to test all combinations signals.


A combined MX40 Multiplexer and MX41-42 Line Driver / Receiver


Rear of the combined MX40 Multiplexer and MX41-42 Line Driver / Receiver