Mrs Horne's Heathy Eating Pages

Meat Dishes


Chicken with potatoes - Greek country style

The potatoes absorb some of the chicken flavour from the juices - delicious!



Meat balls (Keftedes)


Baked pork chop & potatoes


Meat balls (Keftedes) with fresh mint being fried


The meat balls are then cooked in fresh tomato sauce (with bay leaves)



Chicken breasts baked with freshly chopped tomatos


...And served on boiled white rice


Olive-oil fried turkey fillet with sprouts and boiled yams


Stuffed roast turkey covered with bacon


Suckling pig to be baked with garlic and fresh rosemary
(Note the cuts in the meat where the garlic was inserted)


The other half of the sucking pig


Baked pork rolls


1. Stuffed ox heart


2. Stuffed ox heart


3. Stuffed ox heart