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Ripe Persimon

These fruit will leave an unpleasant, very dry taste in the mouth if eaten unripe.

When ripe, the fruit feels like jelly to the touch (very soft) and takes on a translucent look.

It then may be mistaken as being over-ripe but this is not correct.

When ripe the fruit is very sweet and has a really delicious flavour.

Persimon cut-up and ready to eat.

This is called the Lotus fruit here in Greece
(not to be confused with the lotus flower)

Quote from Homer's "The Odyssey"

The Land of the Lotus Eaters

"On their expedition, my men found themselves among natives of our temporary habitat.  Like any good host, these natives introduced my men to one of their favorite appetizers: the lotus. 

A single taste of this native fruit made my soldiers forget everything they had ever know; where they were from, where they were going, everything"



Baked Quince



Pumpkin pie