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(1) Marine Geophysical Oil Exploration

(or Doodlebugging as it's affectionately known to us)

This is a collection of photos from my time spent in deep-sea and shallow-water marine geophysical exploration.

The intention is to show and record the technology, ships, & personell involved in the early days of seismic oil exploration.

My role (as Junior Observer, then Observer) was the operation, calibration & repair of all the electronic equipment & systems.

Frode Viking 1968   (North Sea)

Kristian Tonder 1969   (North Sea)

Caribe Tide 1969   (Black Sea)

M/V American & Piggy-Back Barge 1969-70  (USA & Kenya rigging)

M/V American & Piggy-Back Barge 1969-70  (Instrumentation)

M/V American & Piggy-Back Barge 1970  (Gulf of Suez)

M/V American & Piggy-Back Barge 1971  (Gabon, West Africa)

M/V American & Piggy-Back Barge 1971  (Port Arthur, Texas)


(2) Integrated Marine Navigation Systems Design & Manufacturing

Living in Torrance, California and working for the Magnavox Industrial & Government Electronics - Ocean Systems (INS) Group (1974-1979)

These photos show typical large navigation systems used mainly on geophysical vessels involved in oil exploration.

Integrated Navigation Systems at Magnavox, Torrance, California 1974-79

Some of my personal design projects at Magnavox


Seismic 3D Binning and Display Systems



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